What are the functions of limit switches?

Publish time: 2023-08-22 13:23:57

The role of the limit switch is also reflected in the industrial production industry, which is more suitable for converting mechanical equipment offset into electronic signals, so that the motor operation is reasonable and effective, enough to change, more than the mechanical equipment posture or system control. The foothold of the limit switch is to cooperate with other mechanical equipment to form more complex and scientifically researched automated machinery. The limit switch on the CNC lathe reasonably and effectively operates the steel fitness movement and the automatic cutting stroke, which can effectively prevent accidents and collisions. Use the limit switch to automatically adjust the speed in the middle of the desired component and obtain continuous repetitive motion.

Limit switch in its actual protection effect, limit switch is also known as the stroke switch, more suitable for controlling the stroke of industrial machinery and equipment and limit switch protection. In the specific application, the travel limit switch is installed in the pre-arranged part, and the contact point position of the travel limit switch reasonably and effectively maintains the intermediate conversion of the power circuit when the collision stroke of the control module of the molecular moving part is produced and manufactured. The limit switch refers to the appropriate conversion of the power circuit household appliances according to the travel part of the fitness moving parts, and the basic principle of the limit switch is similar to that of the button. Generally used for all kinds of colored aluminum doors and Windows, lifting equipment and other operating stroke, limit switch protection of terminal equipment.

With the continuous development of society, electrical equipment is widely used in People's Daily life, and the limit switch application is indispensable in many electrical equipment, and its more important role is to protect the chain franchise of mechanical equipment. In daily life, the most common limit switch is used in washing machines and radio recorders. When the drying rate of the washing machine is very high, if you carelessly open the washing machine or cover, reach out, it is easy to cause damage to the body, in order to reasonably and effectively prevent such accidents, most washing machines install electrical contacts, if you open the washing machine door or cover, it will automatically turn off the power, drive the rotating parts to terminate, reasonably and effectively prevent damage.

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