Working principle and industry application of high temperature solenoid valve

Publish time: 2023-08-22 13:29:04

High temperature solenoid valve is used in various medium temperature occasions, high temperature occasions, such as: High-temperature steam system, superheated steam control, thermal oil control, drying equipment, heating system, industrial petroleum supply system, petrochemical equipment, filtration equipment system, etc., ultra-high temperature solenoid valve is suitable for medium and high temperature hot water, thermal oil, silicone oil, high temperature steam, saturated steam and superheated steam and other pipelines automatic control, the use of medium temperature up to 650℃.

Ultra-high temperature solenoid valve working principle:

When the power is on, the electromagnetic force opens the pilot hole, the upper chamber pressure drops rapidly, forming a low and high pressure difference around the closing part, the fluid pressure pushes the closing part to move upward, and the valve opens;

When the power is off, the spring force closes the pilot hole, and the inlet pressure forms a low and high pressure difference around the valve closing part through the bypass hole rapidly, and the fluid pressure pushes the closing part to move down and close the valve.

Features: The upper limit of the fluid pressure range is high, and it can be installed arbitrarily, but the fluid pressure difference conditions must be met.


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