How to choose the right air filter

Publish time: 2023-08-22 13:30:44

1.What is the correlation of air filter gas temperature? The oil content and water temperature in air compression endanger the high efficiency of the filter. For example, when the temperature is 30 ° C, the water content of the oil flowing through the filter is 5 times that of 20 ° C; When the temperature rises to 40 ° C, the water content of the oil flowing through the filter is 10 times that of 20 ° C. Therefore, the filter is generally installed at the temperature bottom point of the compressed air system.

2. Why should air filters be purchased together? The common misconception is that selecting a filter that matches the precision of the solution according to the air index can meet the requirements and save costs. In fact, although the air index is decided by the precision of the selected filter, there is no preparatory treatment and maintenance of the external filter, the precision and high filter element will be quickly blocked by excessive load, accelerating the frequency of the filter element replacement, and then the cost of the product will be changed.

3. Can air filters reduce gas leakage points? The filter generally only removes solid and liquid particles (droplets), while water vapor and oil vapor can be unhindered according to the winding pipe diameter of the filtration system. Therefore, the pedal filter cannot remove it (other than the activated carbon filter). To remove water vapor and oil vapor, only use dryer equipment to reduce the moisture content of the gas.

4. Where is the difference between the domestic filter element and the channel filter element? Because of raw materials, machinery and equipment, the domestic filter element has been lagging behind the channel filter element in the filtration system and production process. The outdated inspection methods and testing instruments make it impossible to improve the quality of domestic filter element because of no qualitative analysis. Compared with the channel filter, the domestic filter is generally not smooth and heavy.

5. What are the purchase parts of the air filter? The purchase parts of the filter generally include: internal automatic drainer, external automatic drainer, pressure differential meter, pressure differential meter, electronic device pressure difference indicator and liquid level indicator.

6. Do you need to replace the filter element on time? Since the filter element is continuously polluted by the environment, the total flow rate of the steam body will be reduced in the system software and the pressure drop will be larger, in addition, the cost of power energy and power engineering will also increase. As a result, the cost of actual operation and manufacturing increases, and the commitment of the natural environment increases.

7 filter filter dismantling cycle time how to clear the core dismantling cycle time is determined by its gas pressure, generally speaking, the gas pressure exceeds 0.68kgf /cm2, the filter pressure meter needle is biased to the bright red area, or the work is full 6000-8000 hours (a year) to be replaced. The activated carbon filter element is disassembled when the taste is detected in the middle and lower reaches.

8. What is the purpose of the purchased part of the air filter? The internal automatic drainer and the external automatic drainer in the purchased part of the filter are used to automatically discharge the oil, water and dust compounds from the filter element to the filter, reducing the excessive efficiency of human error endangering the system software. Pressure difference meter, pressure difference meter, electronic device pressure difference indicator is used to guide the time of removing and replacing the filter element. The liquid level indicator is used to indicate how much air pollutants are mixed with oil, water, dust, etc., inside the filter (can detect the working situation of the internal automatic drainer and guide the manual service manual sewage treatment).

9. Filter installation should pay attention to which aspect?

a) The pressure should not exceed the large working pressure marked by the filter.

b) After the filter is generally installed before the cooling tower and the air compressor storage tank, it is as close as possible to the application point and the temperature bottom point.

c) The filter should not be installed after the valve is opened quickly, and the flow back and impact condition should be avoided.

d) The filter should be installed vertically, and leave room directly below to replace the filter element.

e) Large filters need to have moderate support points in the pipeline.

10. What is the common problem of removing and replacing the filter element?

a) Protect the filter, turn off the bypass valve or air compression delivery system software, and then turn off the outlet valve after pressure relief (or turn off the relevant valve and then relieve the pressure according to the filter drain pipe hole).

b) Unscrew the cover and take out the old filter element.

c) Clean the filter cover.

d) Replace the new filter element (do not ignore the seal ring, the filter element needs to be installed tightly).

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